JWF Defense has the Facilities, Experience, and Technical Expertise to provide the Federal Government with Quality Products and Services

JWF Defense specializes in build-to-print applications, and has been supporting prototypes, low volume, and high volume  production on a variety of programs as a subcontractor to many first tier defense contractors and as a prime. We are well known for our expertise in fabricating, machining, welding, CARC painting, and assembly. 

When quality and on-time delivery is mission critical, JWF is your force multiplier.

Over 150 Certified Welders

weldAt JWF our roots are in welding and date back nearly 60 years. That’s when John Polacek Sr. put a welding machine on the back of his pick-up truck and started Johnny’s Welding.

Today, JWF has over 150 AWS Certified Welders and specializes in complex, large weldments that generally involve close tolerances. 

Precision Machining


Precision machined components from the simplest piece to complex 5-axis parts are manufactured at JWF’s 50,000 square foot machining center. Over 30 highly skilled machinists work side by side with the quality department to ensure exact tolerances are held and quality parts are produced and shipped on time.

Expert CARC Painting


JWF Defense has made every effort to set a new standard in the paint and powder coating industry. Our goal is to provide high quality CARC and powder coating services  by utilizing new technology and constantly refining our processes and procedures. Currently, we have one of the largest powder coating line east of the Mississippi River in terms of part size, weight, and quantity of parts per day.

Armor Laser Services


Speed to market is critical in today’s defense world. Lives get saved when we react quickly to customer’s needs. 

Laser technology allows JWF Defense to process metal, including armor, at an extremely fast pace. Some companies still resort to old methods. Not at JWF Defense Systems — We are committed to the warfighter and our investment in technology proves it.

1000 Ton Brake Presses


Of the countless services we provide at JWF Defense, one of the greatest capabilities is forming parts.

At JWF Defense we know armor. Armor plate presents significant challenges, most notably spring-back.  We have the experience and equipment to deal with tricky armor or any other metal forming projects.

Frame Up Vehicle Builds

Slide4Whether it’s a “ground-up” vehicle build or an armor package install, JWF Defense has the knowledge, aptitude, and past experience required to make vehicle and trailer projects a success. Our program management, traceability, and vertical integration are just a few factors that make it easy to do business with us.

ASME Certified Tanks

Slide8JWF, through its’ ETC division,  has certifications through the American Petroleum Institute (API) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to build fluid storage equipment up to 10,000 PSI. This includes containment vehicles, tanks, and pressure vessels.

Armor Welding & Forming

Slide7Combined with a vast array of tooling and over 20 years of  experience, JWF has the versatility necessary to meet demanding armor projects.

Laser technology allows JWF Defense to process armor at an extremely fast pace. And when it comes to welding armor, we have more than 30 armor certified welders.

Efficient Project Control

Slide10We understand the importance of the programs we support and know that our ultimate customer, the warfighter, depends upon the reliability and accuracy of the parts we manufacture to help keep them safe.  JWF Defense achieves these expectations through a focused approach on reliable  processes that provide consistent results.  

Comprehensive Support

Slide9JWF  has been providing quality metal-fabricating engineering support for nearly 30 years. Our engineers will design from a simple sketch, 2D prints, or 3D models, whether they’re on paper or in electronic format. Our engineers and production specialists work closely with our customers to recommend materials and components designed to meet their budget and then develop efficient manufacturing processes.