Welding has always been a JWF specialty

At JWF our roots are in welding and date back nearly 60 years. That’s when John Polacek Sr. put a welding machine on the back of his pick-up truck and started Johnny’s Welding.

Today, JWF has over 150 AWS Certified Welders and specializes in complex, large weldments that generally involve close tolerances. Our equipment includes 195 Calibrated Welding Machines and 12 Single and Dual Arm Robotic Welders. Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) and Certified Welding Educators (CWE) are on staff to maintain and regulate welding processes.



A point of pride for JWF is our in-company Welding Training Center that is widely known for producing some of the best welders in the area. Our weld school instructors perform visual, radiographic, bend, fillet weld break and macro-etch tests. Not only does our Training Center provide our welders with the opportunity to expand their capabilities and certify to various metals, but also gives them the opportunity to earn college credits toward a Welding Technology degree through a local community college.

Most of our welders hold multiple certifications and include:

  • Steel (D1.1) – 150 welders
  • Aluminum (D1.2) – 75 welders
  • Light Gage (D1.3) – 15 welders
  • Stainless Steel (D1.6) – 60 welders
  • ASME (Section IX) – 40 welders                                                                        
  • Armor Plate – 45 welders
  • Aerospace Aluminum (D17.1) – 6 welders
  • Special Metals to include Mild Steel, Weldox, Hardox, and Titanium – 80 welders.



Welding Equipment

195, Calibrated Welding Machines including:

  • Lincoln Sub-arc TC3 carriage with 60,000lb weight capacity, 70’x5’x3′ envelope capacity
  • MotoMan HP30-ACC with 2-1,000lb 5 axis manipulators, 8’x2’x3′ envelope capacity

Single and Dual-Arm Robotic Welding Cells including:

  • Lincoln 55 Dual Arm Robotic Weld Cell with two Fanus 710 arms with a 20 ft. reach as well as 40 ft. travel for large products.
  • Lincoln Robotic welder, single 710 Fanus arm with a 12 ft. reach and with laser tracking
  • Panasonic VR2 robots with dual 2,000 lb. manipulators with 12’x6’x3′ envelope capacity
  • Fanuc R-j3lb with dual 2,000lb manipulators and dual robot arms with 12’x 6’x3′ envelope capacity
  • 120,000 sq, ft . of TIG Welding Area