Making a Difference within the JWF Family and in the Community

Community involvement is a hallmark of JWF Industries.  From the Polacek family ownership to the employees on the shop floor, all recognize the vital role they play in the greater Johnstown community.

In addition to various philanthropic activities such as providing the steel to construct a local outdoor music venue or sponsoring major sporting events and distributing tickets to the employees, JWF personnel can  also be found in leadership positions on  numerous boards and committees.  JWF also encourages and hosts students of all ages to tour the plants.   And the Polacek name can be found on various venues in the area.

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina damaged Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, a group of employees organized a food and supplies drive to aid victims of that storm.  JWF supplied the trucks to deliver the items.  Because of that effort, JWF CARES was created.  This employee-run organization continues to help fellow employees in need and contributes to community organizations and charitable group.

JWF employees support the organization through payroll deductions and by participating in various fund raising activities throughout the year.

In addition, employees also volunteer  for various community causes such as Sunday’s Kitchen where they prepare and serve hot meals to the homeless.