JWF Facilities

JWF occupies over 1,000,000 square feet in four primary manufacturing locations plus our Welding Training Center in the greater Johnstown, PA area.

Western Pennsylvania has a rich legacy of being part of our nation’s steel industry since the late 1800s, producing premier metalworking craftsmen and engineers. Today, that tradition continues at JWF. We occupy over 1,000,000 square feet in four primary manufacturing locations (excluding our Welding Training Center) and employ over 300.

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Our headquarters facilities on Iron Street in downtown Johnstown features 650,000 square feet of manufacturing space in three buildings and a fully integrated Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system. We are located in a former steel mill and adjacent to an international steel service center, secured by surrounding fence and 24-hour security guard service. This campus includes back-in and side-load shipping docks, railroad spurs, a mountainous vehicle test track, and 10 acres of lay down area.

This campus houses our welding and fabrication operations along with our QA/QC lab, a 60,000 sq. ft. automated powder coating/wet coating/CARC paint line, processing and assembly operations, and crane capacity of 70,000 lbs. that includes 20 overhead and 53 jib cranes.  Our headquarters offices are also located at this site.

Picture1Three miles away on Iolite Avenue in the Woodvale section of Johnstown is our Machining Center. This 50,000 square foot facility includes our machining equipment and employees.

In 2011, JWF began developing and marketing products for the oil and gas industry and formed Environmental Tank & Container. Those products are manufactured in a 160,000 square foot facility along Cramer Pike (Route 403), approximately five miles from our headquarters.img_1758

New welders are trained and certified in our company-run Welding Training Center located along Broad Street in the West End section of Johnstown. Here, promising new welders learn their craft while also earning credits towards a Welding Technology degree through Pennsylvania Highlands Community College. Our in-company welding school has produced some of the best welders in the industry.

Twelve miles away along Stockholm Avenue in Windber, PA is our Vehicle Integration facility used for assembling vehicles and other products.

All facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified and follow the same quality, safety, and management initiatives.

Breathing New Life into Former Steel Mills

In the 1960s it was filled with steelworkers. In the 1990s it sat empty. Today, it’s once again occupied – this time with welders, blasters, and skilled machine operators as the home of JWF Industries.

The history of steelmaking in Johnstown dates back to 1852 and the Cambria Iron Company (left), the predecessor to Bethlehem Steel. In 1973 there were 11,800 workers employed by Bethlehem Steel in Johnstown. At the height of the steel industry (below), mills spread out over 13 miles along the Conemaugh, Little Conemaugh, and Stonycreek Rivers. Johnstown’s mills created rails for western railroads, plate, girders, axles, and structural steel and operated as a model for the Lower Works Historyindustry up until the 1980s when the steel industry was hit by tough overseas economic competition. By 1982 only 2,100 steel workers were left and then in 1992 the Johnstown plant was closed.

JWF purchased the 10 acre tract that once was part of Bethlehem Steel’s Lower Works in 2001. The tract includes three buildings totalling over  650,000 square feet and is JWF’s headquarters campus. Adjacent to JWF is the earliest surviving building of the Cambria Iron Works, the Blacksmith Shop that was erected in 1864. It’s now a National Historic Landmark. But this isn’t the only former steel mill occupied by JWF; It’s one of three. 

Approximately three miles down the Little Conemaugh River, the former 50,000 square foot Griffith-Custer Steel once produced ornamental iron and steel work. Today it houses JWF’s machine shop.  

During the 1940’s it produced eight-inch howitzer shells for the government and was operated by Bethlehem Steel (left). Today, it’s home to JWF’s Environmental Tank and Container operations. The former Shell Plant is located five miles from JWF headquarters along the Conemaugh River.

The glory days of steel production in Johnstown may be gone but some of the facilities left behind have found new life as the home to JWF Industries.